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Special products

Technical products

Special products

DIVINOL Kettenöl H Article-No. 84150
Chain oil with adhesive additive for all makes of high-performance motor saws. Lubrication improving additives guarantee extremely low wear on the chain and rails. Favourable viscosity enables universal use in summer and winter even with extreme daytime temperatures.
Packagins sizes: 200-l, 55-l, 20-l, 5-l, 1-l
DIVINOL Motorensägenreiniger forte Article-No. 12300
Dissolves even heavy dirt and gum from chains and housings on motor saws. Is easy on the material, does not corrode plastics, varnishes and metals. Biologically degradable according to the OECD test.
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 10-l, 500-ml

DIVINOL Rasenmäheröl HD SAE 30 Article-No. 48330
Special-purpose oil for lawn mowers with 4 stroke motors.
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 55-l, 20-l, 5-l, 1-l, 600-ml

DIVINOL Sprühöl Article-No. 31080
Mineral oil based spraying oil for misting and protecting commercial vehicles, machines, spare parts, metals and similar. The product guarantees a temporary corrosion protection. Is available as DIVINOL spraying oil graphite and with graphite additive.
Viscosity: 8 mm²/s/40°C
Packaging sizes: 180-kg, 55-l, 25-l, 10-l
DIVINOL Alu-Star Felgenreiniger Article-No. 89455
Special-purpose cleaner for light alloy and steel wheel rims. Fast and complete removal of aggressive road dirt, brake abrasion and oily encrustations.
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 60-l, 10-l, 5-l, 500-ml
DIVINOL Lack- und Planenreiniger Article-No. 89490
Highly efficient special-purpose varnish and tarpaulin cleaner. Suitable for cleaning truck tarpaulins and superstructures, workshop floors, passenger vehicles body work as well as chassis and engines. Does not corrode plastics, varnishes and metals.
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 120-l, 25-l, 10-l
DIVINOL HD Reiniger 1434 Article-No. 95920
Alkaline cleaner for removing oily, greasy dirt and insect rests. Can be used in pre-spray and high-pressure appliances.
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 25-l, 10-l, 1-l 
DIVINOL Kaltreiniger U522 Article-No. 05220
Environmentally friendly universal cleaner for easy removal of dirt, oil, grease and gum. Fast and complete cleaning and degreasing of engines, gears, undercarriages, machines, tools, floors, tiles, etc. The product is applied with spray pistol, sponge or brush, allowed to act for a short period and then washed off with water. Can also be used in parts cleaners.
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 55-l, 25-l, 10-l
DIVINOL Multi-Spray Article-No. 22540
Resin and silicon free high-performance product with selected base oils and additives free from aromatics. This care and maintenance spray can be used for a variety of applications and very economical in use. May be used as a lubricant, anticorrosion product, creep oil, damp repellent and cleaner in one.
- stops creaking and squeaking
- protects all metals from corrosion even in extreme conditions while at the same time lubricating  support and friction surfaces
- does not settle even after long storage
- helps during engine starts
- dissolves hard compounds
- cleans even the most stubborn dirt such as tarmac, grease and tenacious lubricants etc.
- extreme capillary effect - > undercreeps water very rapidly
Simply spray the product on to the appropriate objects. The residual very thin film does not dry out and is compatible with varnishes, plastics and rubber. Simplifies repairs considerably.
DIVINOL Ocucel Aqua/ Terra Article-No. 67480
Completely new all round oil and chemical bonding agent, which is, used universally in trade and industry, on roads or other transport surfaces. Polyurethane based grainy non-dusty material. Please request our technical information sheet!
Packaging size: 17-kg

Technical fluids

Divinol high-performance lubricating greases for the most diverse applications. For the whole automotive range, for the construction industry, agriculture and forestry, water economy, saw mills etc. 
DIVINOL Bremsflüssigkeit DOT 4 Article-No. 62170
High quality synthetic brake fluid for all hydraulic brake systems with drum and disc brakes in which synthetic brake fluids according to DOT 4 are required. Boiling point at 260°C. Please request our technical information sheet!
Packaging sizes: 60-l, 5-l, 1-l, 250-ml 
DIVINOL Kühlerfrostschutz Article-No. 62020
Divinol radiator anti-freeze with rust protection for use in all makes of radiator systems, also in light alloy engines (observe the manufacturers specifications). Please request our technical information sheet!
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 60-l, 20-l, 5-l, 1-l 

DIVINOL Kühlerfrostschutz H12 Article-No. 62010
Divinol radiator anti-freeze G12 with rust protection for use in all makes of radiator systems, also in light alloy engines (observe the manufacturers specifications).
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 60-l, 20-l, 5-l, 1-l

DIVINOL Scheibenklar mit Frostschutz Article-No. 28690
Anti-freeze and cleaner for the windscreen cleaner system. Please request our technical information sheet!
Packaging sizes: 200-l, 60-l, 25-l, 5-l, 1-l