Company - Elama B

Our company " Elama B " SIA is the representative and offers in the market of Baltic production under mark DIVINOL® to the German company " Zeller+Gmelin GmbH and Co " which has been based in 1866. "Zeller+Gmelin GmbH and Co " makes and delivers across all Europe the big assortment of high-quality automobile oils, greasings, and also products of special purpose under trade mark DIVINOL ®.

DIVINOL-LABORConstant researches and flexibility in management are necessary to adapt to continuously increasing market requirements that provides reception of production meeting modern requirements. DIVINOL ® oils and greasings have been checked up and approved by leading automobile manufacturers and used in the diversified areas, in engines and mechanisms almost all types of vehicles. DIVINOL ® products of special purpose are used in forestry and an agriculture, in a building industry, and as in an electric equipment. A correct estimation of time of development, constant testing, intellectual and technical potential, and as excellent quality base oils and additives - the main precondition for success of trade mark DIVINOL®.

Individual approach to the client and all-round service - an obvious thing for us. Naturally, quality plays a decisive role with us. We are accredited to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 and regular quality audits are carried out to ensure on-going compliance to this demanding standard.

In order to offer the ideal product palette, our customers have the choice of over 200 Divinol® special-purpose products. These are summarised in the following product groups:ZG-Plant

- Passenger vehicle engine oils
- HGV engine oils
- Tractor oils
- Two-stroke oils
- Motor vehicle gear oils/ATFs
- Hydraulic oils
- Greases
- Green Line - organic products
- Special-purpose products
- Concrete separating agents